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Poison Ivy Eradication & Control Service in Oklahoma

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    Poison Ivy in Fall

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    Poison Ivy in the Spring

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    Poison Ivy on Structures

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    Virginia Creeper Vine

Poison Ivy Control in Oklahoma

Poison Ivy Removal

We are the experts in Oklahoma! We have the experience necessary to identify and  safely remove noxious plants. See our gallery for a few of the noxious plants we’ve run across.

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Poison Ivy Control in Oklahoma

Multi-State Service

We serve the entire state of Oklahoma. We go where you need us. Serving all of Oklahoma and neighboring states with noxious plant eradication. For the best poison ivy service in Oklahoma, contact us today!

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Poison Ivy Control in Oklahoma

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Poison ivy is dangerous, and we understand that the prompt and efficient removal is of great importance to our Oklahoma customers. Schedule a removal today!


Service areas include ALL of Oklahoma

Here are a few counties we serve:

Grant County (Medford)
Roger Mills County (Cheyenne)
Alfalfa County (Jet)
Woods County (Alva)
Ellis County (Shattuck)
Tulsa County (Tulsa)
Beckham County (Sayre)
Beaver County (Beaver)
Oklahoma County
Canadian County
Rogers County
Woodward County
Cleveland County
Logan County
Custer County
McClain County
Garfield County
Washington County
Stephens County
Kingfisher County
Major County
Dewey County
Wagoner County
Carter County
Grady County
Creek County
Blaine County
Noble County
Payne County
Washita County
Harper County
Osage County and many more.

We serve the ENTIRE state of Oklahoma!

Expert Poison Ivy Removal Company, OK.

Serving the ENTIRE state of Oklahoma

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Poison Ivy Eradication & Control Service


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Poison Ivy

Poison ivy leaves can be smooth edged but often have uneven notches, unlike plants like wild blackberry which are highly serrated. The leaves fall when cold weather sets in and the vines have many very fine hairs.

For identification of plants in your yard which you think may be poison ivy, please send clear photos in an email to or in a text message to 314-614-9118 and you will receive a reply ASAP.

Poison Oak

The plant is deciduous so after cold weather sets in the stems are leafless and bear only the occasional cluster of berries. Without leaves the stems may sometimes be identified by occasional black marks where its milky sap may have oozed and dried.

Virginia Creeper Vine

The leaves are, composed of five leaflets (occasionally three leaflets, particularly on younger vines) joined at a central point on the leafstalk, and may be up to 6 inches across. The photo below contains both poison ivy and Virginia Creeper leaves.

Large Ivy

Not all poison ivy looks the same. Some varieties are much larger and don’t look identical to the common poison ivy leaf. It can be in the form of vines on the ground, on trees and large shrubs and leaves can be up to the size of dinner plates.


The poison ivy vine has fine hairs anchoring it to the tree while the hairs of the Virginia creeper are coarse.

Ivy On Trees

Poison ivy uses its aerial roots to firmly anchor itself to a tree or other object, but once in a while you will find a poison ivy vine hanging, unattached to the tree.

Poison Ivy Photos

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